Sound Designer

Madpix Game Studio is looking for a creative and passionate Sound Designer. Sound Designer should be inspiring, in addition to being responsible for creating all the sound effects in our games, from their effects, soundtrack, to the menu sounds. Sound Designer must be able to bring games to life, in addition to transporting the player to the world of our games. The right person must be willing to work in a fast-growing startup environment.


  • Be responsible for the development of the entire sound experience during development;
  • Creating sound for player, enemies, user interfaces, and other in-game elements;
  • Implementing sound effects in-game.


  • Game development experience using a Unity 5;
  • Experience specifically in creating excellent soundscapes and sound resources for games;
  • Experience in editing and sound adaptation for games;
  • Be curious and always looking to evolve;
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills.


  • Work From Home.

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